Service building

Kitchen - Toilet - Bathroom - Family bathroom

We are very proud of our new and modern service building. The service building contains a large communal kitchen, where you cook together as a family. In extension of the service building is the playground, so while the adults are cooking, the youngest members of the family can play.

The kitchen

The kitchen contains

  • 6 stoves
  • 4 ovens
  • 4 sinks with cold and warm water
  • 2 microwaves
  • 1 large refrigerator
  • 1 large freezer
  • Table with chairs

The stoves are activated with the access card: 20 kr. for 30 min.
The rest can be used for free.
The refrigerator and the freezer are being emptied every Monday.



The service building includes 4 large family-bathrooms. In each room is a sink, shower, toilet, bench and coat hooks.

You will also find 4 regular bathrooms with a shower, bench and coat hooks. The access card is used for hot water.

The price for hot water is 1 DKK for 45 seconds and is charged from your acces card per 1 DKK used.

All family rooms have the size of a handicap-friendly room. One of the rooms is handicap accessible with a hand shower and handicap stool.

PLEASE NOTE! The bathrooms may only be used for showering and not for rinsing wetsuits!


The toilet area contains 8 toilets. In all the toilets are sinks, soap and a hand dryer. All toilets are completely private and separated. Besides that, there are 2 toilets in connection with two of the bathrooms. (The sinks are outside of the room.)

Handicap-friendly toilet
There is plenty of space for a helper or a wheelchair. There is a safety rail by the toilet, a sink and a hand dryer.

Nursing room
A large room with plenty of space, a changing table, a sink with soap dispenser, a hand dryer and a toilet.

16 toilets in total.

Washing room

In the washing room you will find a washing machine and a dryer. To use the washing machine and the dryer you must use your access card.

1 wash costs (max. 90 minutes) 30 kr.
The dryer costs 30 kr. per 30 min.

Tæt på indgangen findes der en udslagskumme samt en rist til tømning af gråvand direkte fra autocamper eller campingvogn.