gReen camping

Make sustainable choices on your holiday

Did you know that Vorupør Camping is certified Green Camping? This means that we live up to Green Camping's strict environmental requirements, which both apply to the campsite and our efforts to promote sustainable tourism. We want to make it easier for you to choose sustainably - without it affecting your holiday. You can see our certificate HERE.

We have found a few tips and ideas that can help you make your holiday a little more green and sustainable.


  • Grab your hiking boots and explore the local area. Enjoy the nature of the area without the stress and hustle of everyday life.
  • Rent gear and equipment at your holiday destination rather than buying.
    Then you don't have to transport it. A lot of equipment ends up sitting unused in a corner.
  • Relax and slow down. Read a good book on the terrace, play with the kids or take a walk along the water. Both the environment, your body, your family and your soul benefit from it. Turn off the family's screens and spend time together.

Food and gastronomy

  • Eat locally and buy local produce for your meals. Of course, don't cheat yourself to taste the local ingredients.
  • Avoid food waste. For example, wait to order the dessert until you know you can eat it all. In many restaurants you can get a "doggy bag" so you can take the leftovers home.
  • Eat some more greens and a little less meat - it's healthy for both you and the environment.

Take good care of the nature.

  • Avoid leaving rubbish in nature - take your rubbish with you.

Travel around the area

Shopping and souvenirs

  • Remember the shopping bag. It is always a good idea to have a reusable bag with you when shopping, so you avoid any unnecessary plastic and you save money.
  • Buy quality over quantity. Good products last longer, and you will probably be happier with a good product.
  • Bring your own water bottle instead of buying bottled water. We have cold and drinkable water in the taps in Denmark.

Waste sorting